Friday, November 11, 2011

Once Upon A Time....

   Hi, this is C.A.S.L., before i go into what life is like now after prison and how i started on the road to rebuilding, not only my life, but relationships with family and friends, i want to go back to what life was like for me before prison.
   Before prison i was a very self indulged person. If it wasnt about me it was not a good day. I chose to party a lot, i dabbled a bit in illegal substances, (which i dont do anymore), and looked at female's as a game. What i meen by that is, the more i slept with, to me i was winning. Bottom line is, i was not a good person. Thought i was but looking back, no i really wasnt.
  My immaturity and not wanting to grow up got me into a lot of trouble. My rough road started back home in florida where i was looking for anyway possible to get out. I did not want to be there, did not want to be so close to my parents, I WANTED OUT. It starts with a cruise to the carribean. While on this cruise i get very intoxicated. Now im with my family on this cruise. After having drank too much people started to try and get me to go to my room to sober up. My dad being one of them. I did not like that one bit, and that started a confrontation which led to me laying hands on him. Which to this day i am very remorseful for. Lucky for me my dad still loves me. Well i end up in my room and not wanting to be there, the room having a balcony, i go from balcony to balcony until i am at the front of the ship just to get out of my room. Why didnt i just go out the door? You might ask, well because my dad had security standing outside. So i am now out and about on the ship and no one can find me. After my dad finding me, i see that he had tears running down his cheeks because he thought he had lost a son. Thought i might have fallen overboard.
  That was it for my dad, when we get back from the cruise and after getting into a fight and being accused of stealing a guys drugs, my dad decides to send me away to a facility out in texas. texas because he was affraid i might escape had i stayed in florida. Thats it for today, but much much more to come.

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